That’s Not Me


One of the “Tech Tasks” for my online ECMP 355 class was to type your name into Google and see what comes up. Not one of the Danielle Carey’s on the first page of results was me. Either this is because my name is so common, or it’s because I’m not very active in the digital world. I do, however, have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WordPress, About Me, Instagram, Pinterest, and other various sites.

Since my first year of the education program, my professors were constantly telling us to privatize our Facebook accounts and other online communities we were active in. They didn’t make having digital footprints seem like a positive thing – it scared us more than reassured us. After George Couros brought up the importance of having a positive digital identity, it made me think about it differently. One day I will Google my name and I will come up… one day!

5 thoughts on “That’s Not Me

  1. in the last year I’ve gone through my google history and deleted anything negative about three times now, so my record is spotless. My next step was to get my name on the map and I’ve done really well with that with twitter and blogs. I’ve even been mentioned in some online articles now which is fantastic. All it takes is some time so keep up the digital footprint!

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