Meet My Mentor :)

Throughout this semester, I was lucky enough to be able to work with my mentor Rola Tibshirani. She is an amazing teacher in Ottawa, and she has taught me so much about using technology in the classroom. It was one thing to talk about technology in this course, and it was another thing seeing it firsthand in her classroom. I had a lot of opportunities to chat with her students, and learn how they would use certain apps in their class. Rola is so knowledgeable and she pushed me outside of my comfort zone when it came to technology. I signed up for this course thinking I was going to hate it because I knew very little about technology, but although it was frustrating at times, I absolutely loved it – and a lot of that had to do with how great Rola was. Check out our interview as well as her fantastic blog and Twitter account!

Rola’s Blog:

Rola’s Twitter: @rolat

Teaching About Saskatchewan

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During my mentorship, I had the opportunity to share information about Saskatchewan and Regina with Rola Tibshirani’s grade 5/6 class in Ottawa, Sk. They gave me a list of topics they were inquiring about, and I went from there. I made a PowerPoint and screen-shared it with them so they were able to see pictures and information on the slides. I learned so much about Saskatchewan that I didn’t even know before putting the slide together. The grade 5/6’s asked great questions, and a lot of the answers I didn’t know, so we tried to find the answers together. This just shows that teachers definitely do not know the answers to everything and it’s okay to say “I’m not too sure, but let’s find out together”. We are always learning from one another.

A few of the topics that Rola’s students were learning about were population, natural resources, political parties in power, celebrations, major attractions, major rivers, major lakes, and mountains. I researched information about Saskatchewan and Regina according to these topics and came up with this PowerPoint. Please feel free to use it if you find it helpful 🙂

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Meshing Apps

My mentor, Rola Tibshirani and I have been video chatting regularly and I have yet to create a blog post about what I have done with her and her class.. so here we go! Her students have been teaching me about a few of the different apps that they use within their classroom to foster their learning, so I decided to download 3 of them to try on my own. I’m so glad they were able to assist me in understanding how they work and how to use them in the classroom because I would have been so lost without their help! I will briefly explain each of the apps I used to get my end result, just to give you an idea of the different ways you can use them in your own classroom one day!

1. Pic Collage – This is an app that allows students to create a picture collage of what they are learning, the process they went through to get to the end result, or for any other way they want to use this app to show their learning. I was unable to download Pic Collage with my mac, so instead I used Fotor, which is just another picture collage application.

2. Skitch – With this app, students can choose a picture, or the collage they made and use writing, arrows, highlighting, boxes, etc. to reflect on their learning process. This app would be great to use for reading assessment where the students could highlight certain words or phrases and talk about them, or arrows on a new word they learned, etc. There are endless possibilities!

3. Audioboo – Students can use pictures of their choice, record their voice and talk about what they did or what they have learned. This would be a tool you could use for assessing the fluency of a second language such as French. Students can take a picture of the words they are reading and the teacher can see where they are at in regards to speaking orally. This is one way Rola uses it in her classroom, but again, possibilities are endless, and it makes assessing a lot more fun for everyone.

The great thing about each of these apps is how incredibly easy they are to use! If I can figure them out, anyone can! 🙂